Terrorism & Mental Health

There is some confusion over whether the recent Vegas atrocity was a “terrorist” attack, or whether it was caused by a so-called “lonewolf” , or more simply a case of someone’s mental health “snapping”. Terrorism and national security is where much of my academia and personal research resides so I wanted to share some perspective. Continue reading


How To Avoid “Fake News”

Fake News is not a new problem but with the internet its effects are magnified. Fake News as a concept has many different meanings but it boils down to a form of media that is relaying inaccurate information, either accidently or maliciously. False information can instantly spread on the internet, the best, and sometimes only, method of prevention is education. It is up to us to filter through the nonsense to find credible and honest sources of information. These are a few ways to determine if what you are reading is “Fake News.” Continue reading

Yesterday SpaceX Made History

SpaceX has in a short period exceeded expectations and propelled itself to the forefront of space innovation. The group is owned by visionary Elon Musk who has set ambitious goals for the agency. Groups such as SpaceX have in many ways begun to replace national space programs such as NASA; offering different perspectives and operational procedures, at often lower costs. Yesterday SpaceX landed itself into the history books. Continue reading

Canada and the Problem of Islamic Terrorism

Canada’s history contains numerous episodes of domestic extremism. In Quebec the FLQ once terrorised the province by kidnapping politicians and bombing political targets and during the Oka Crisis tensions between the Indigenous and the settlers boiled over in dramatic waves of violence. Canada is no stranger to violent extremes on our soil and the most prominent form of violent ideological expression gripping our country today is Islamic Terrorism.

Continue reading