What Is The Online Mind?

The Online Mind is a collection of writings and recommendations by Daniel Govedar.

Daniel Govedar is a writer and researcher with an expertise in global politics, Canadian history, and national security. After graduating from McMaster University with Dean’s Honours in History and Political Science, Daniel launched this Canadian platform to center and propel his work. Daniel’s current focus is on cybersecurity and the evolving relationship between humans, social systems, and technology. 

What’s On This Site?

This site contains writings by Daniel Govedar ranging from formal research papers to short opinion pieces. It also provides direction to additional content and resources, and recommendations of other writers and platforms.

Topics on this site include politics, national security, history, technology, and personal growth.

If you believe that there are any errors or inaccuracies on this site please let us know. Feel free to contact us with any questions or for collaborations.


A message from Daniel:

“The world is a complicated place. I’m hoping that on this website I can provide, if anything, an interesting perspective on topics and issues. With some luck, maybe I can even clear up some of the noise and add some clarity too. 

The only thing that I ask of you, is to read and explore these ideas with a charitable interpretation. Beyond my own career growth, the real goal in this website, and in the work that I do, is to try to make sense of the world, and in turn, then try to make the world a better place. Sometimes I will be wrong, as we all are, but my hope is to be as right as often I can be, to defend my positions with integrity, rationality, and honesty, and crucially, to correct myself when better arguments and ideas are presented. Feel free to email me, or comment on any thread, if you think that I have something wrong or misunderstood.

We have accomplished so much as a collective of individuals, and although the future is filled with challenges, it is not hopeless. Together we can achieve even higher levels of safety, happiness, prosperity, and life satisfaction. I truly believe this, and my hope is that together we can continue to move towards an even brighter tomorrow. Thank you.”

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