Daniel Govedar is a writer and researcher with an expertise in global politics, Canadian history, and national security. The Online Mind is a collection of his writings and resources. After graduating from McMaster University with an Honours Degree in History and Political Science, Daniel launched this Canadian platform to center and propel his work.

The Online Mind is an institution that promotes rationalism, science, humanism, and the pursuit of knowledge. The main topics on this platform are history, culture, politics, meditation, and ethics. Daniel writes in a variety of formats from short pundit pieces, to extensive research reports, and even has a few books on route.

The Online Mind also promotes a curated list of books, journals, podcasts, and other resources, relevant to the topics at hand. The purpose of this platform is to engage some of the most complicated and challenging topics in our society. Daniel aims to tackle the hard questions, spread information, share ideas, and help educate those who are interested. Through analysis, research, logic, and communication, The Online Mind strives to make the world a better place, and to help civilization reach higher.

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