What Is The Online Mind?

The Online Mind is a collection of writings and recommendations. This site will feature a variety of topics and will act as a hub for the work that I do and for the things that I write about.

Who am I?

My name is Daniel Govedar. I am a young professional living in Toronto. I am an IT expert in love with computers and gadgets. I also like to think about large scale geopolitical problems.

I went to McMaster University and graduated with Dean’s Honours in History and Political Science. I focused on global affairs, national security, and world history.

Currently much of my time is focused on cybersecurity and working towards my OSCP.

I am passionate about IT and cybersecurity and one day aim to combine my career in cybersecurity with my broader knowledge of global affairs and national security. I want to make the world more stable and secure through the lens of technology.

What’s on this Site?

A bunch of things really. I have some formal essays from university, some blog posts that I’ve written, and some recommendations for books and other resources. Increasingly I will be using this platform for CTF and Hacking write-ups as well. There will even be some articles written by friends and guests too. Hopefully some of the stuff on here will be of interest to you.

Thank you for visiting.

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