What Is The Online Mind?

We have come so far as a species. The advancements we have seen from human rights, to medicine, from technology, to international cooperation, and in a multitude of other facets of civilization, are nothing short of incredible. The Enlightenment, humanism, rationalism, science, and the like, have set us on an incredible course of development and discovery. We should be proud of these accomplishments, but we also have more to do. We are still challenged from a variety of problems ranging from disputed cultural norms, automation and AI, climate change, the consequences of the changing global economy, and more. The only way forward is to have a nuanced understanding of reality and of world affairs.

However I argue that this is not enough. For our societies to achieve their fullest potential it requires not only a richer understanding of the world around us, but also a commitment to self improvement and personal growth. We as individuals need to improve not only the external world, but also ourselves. This includes making better decisions regarding our health and fitness, shedding superstition and mythology, learning about finance and politics, and becoming more environmentally conscious. It also includes looking inward, becoming aware of personal faults, becoming mindful of thought disorders and harmful habits, learning from challenge and change, improving our focus, building resilience, and knowing oneself more intimately. When we each improve ourselves, from our fitness, to intellect, to our mental health, we lay the foundation for our society to flourish. My hope is that this platform will help in this endeavour.

What’s On This Site?

This site will share my own writing on a variety of topics, it will also feature guest writers sharing their own insight and expertise. There are a few main pages on this platform:

World Affairs: Articles on current events, international relations, and politics to help understand the world around us.

Personal Growth: Insights on mental and physical health, career development, finance, and more.

Canada: A section dedicated to Canadian topics and trends.

History: Articles and essays on our collective human history.

Culture: Writing on cultural norms, evolving social dynamics, and contemporary issues.

Interviews: A collection of interviews on a variety of topics.

Guest Writers & Articles: Dedicated pages to highlight the work of guest writers.

& there will also be a section to share recommendations as well as additional free resources and content.

Check out the tabs in the menu and browse to see if any articles interest you. If you believe that there are any errors or inaccuracies on this site please let me know. Feel free to contact me with any questions, or for collaborations.

Thank you for taking the time to read this work.

All the best.

  • Daniel Govedar


Daniel Govedar is a writer and researcher with an expertise in global politics, Canadian history, and national security. After graduating from McMaster University with an Honours Degree in History and Political Science, Daniel launched this Canadian platform to center and propel his work.

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