An Introduction to Fitness with Alex Fernandes

Guest Article by Alex Fernandes 

So you’ve decided that it was time to improve your life and begin your fitness journey? Maybe you used to be active, but have found with passing time, you have let yourself go in favour of more pressing things like career and children? Perhaps you have never been active before, and are completely oblivious, but have noticed some friends improvement in quality of life since joining the gym? Some may be nearing the latter stages of their lives, and want to maintain their independence. Others may be on the first leg and are looking to improve their athleticism for a desired sport. In any event, any and all reasons to improve your life through fitness are valid, and should be encouraged. Continue reading “An Introduction to Fitness with Alex Fernandes”

Are We Alone In The Universe?

Are we alone in the universe? It’s rare that you find such a question in which the answer is so profound irrespective of its conclusion. In a universe so vast and violent to be alone is both humbling and terrifying. There is some comfort, even a universal camaraderie, in finding out that we are not alone. Everyday we scan the sky searching and hoping to find someone, or something. But if aliens are in fact out there, then where are they? Why don’t we see them?

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Aging in a Stressful Era

Guest Article by Patrick Huynh

Greetings and salutations dear citizens of the world and creators of your reality. First and foremost, I’m in no way stating that the past eras were any less stressful as our ancestors lived and survived the ice age and a plethora of calamities, that being said, we’re positioned at the edge and cusp of an ever growing exponentially technological evolution that is geared towards the exploration of space and beyond. Continue reading “Aging in a Stressful Era”

Inside Canada’s Yellow Vest Movement

In the last year France has been witness to waves of protest, marches, and rioting. A segment of the population has become alienated and is targeting its frustration at Macron, the elite, and at globalism more broadly. The protesters have various demands but they primarily focus on economic justice, lowering taxes, and relief from financial strain. They feel left behind by the global financial system, they think that the political elite do not care about them, and many feel that they do not have a voice. Whether globalism is really at fault is another discussion to be had. Right now I am more interested in the mindset of these protesters. In this article I want to understand the ideology of the Canadian version of the Yellow Vests. What do the Canadian Yellow Vests actually think? Are they dangerous? And what do they want?

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Daniel’s 2018 Book Review

A little late but I decided to write a quick review of my favourite books that I read in 2018. I enjoyed these for a multitude of reasons. Some are fantastic historical and political texts, while others are focused on mental health, meditation, and personal development. All of which I found compelling and interesting. If you get the chance I highly recommend giving these a read: Continue reading “Daniel’s 2018 Book Review”

Anarchism & Gentrification in the City of Hamilton

Anarchists in Hamilton are a relatively small problem. They usually pester the city with graffiti and stickers but have remained mostly a minor nuisance. This past weekend the group crossed a line and put action to their message. On Saturday night upwards to 30 masked individuals marched down Locke Street. They carried a flag with the slogan “We Are The Ungoverned”, shouted, blocked traffic, and then damaged over $100k in vehicles and property. This small problem has escalated into a more serious issue for the city. Welcome anarchists, you’ve entered the news cycle and caught our attention. Let’s talk.

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One Year of Meditation & How It Changed My Life

Before I began my practice, I had a very poor understanding of meditation. To me it was an archaic religious practice. It was some hippy promise of an ethereal spiritual awakening. Skepticism was warranted of course; meditation is often coupled with new age nonsense. Delusional gurus and crackpot charlatans are in no short supply. But how could someone so clearly off the mark as Deepak Chopra at times seems so insightful? Is there any actual value to meditation? Is it just sitting with your eyes closed? Or is there more to it?

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What is Terrorism?

The recent massacre in Las Vegas claimed 58 people and injured hundreds more. This tragedy shook the nation. As the dust settled people began to search for answers, sanity, and meaning. How we interpret events of this nature is important not only for our collective narrative, but also to better understand and prevent future atrocities. Many began to call the perpetrator a terrorist. However not every massacre is an act of terrorism. This article creates a framework to better understand the differences in various types of massacres. It then further explains why a more careful and nuanced approach is useful.  Continue reading “What is Terrorism?”

How To Avoid “Fake News”

Fake News is not a new problem but with the internet its effects are magnified. Fake News can take many different forms but it boils down to a form of media that is relaying inaccurate information either accidentally or maliciously. False information can spread instantly on the internet. The best and sometimes only method of prevention is education. It is up to us to filter the nonsense in order to find credible and honest sources of information. These are a few ways to determine if what you are reading is Fake News. Continue reading “How To Avoid “Fake News””