Guest Writers

While the guest writer’s opinions, styles, and viewpoints may differ, their intentions are the same. The goal is to spread information, share ideas, and reflect on personal growth. We want to improve our internal and external world. Below are listed the writers who have contributed to this project.

Patrick Huynh

As Descartes would say, “I think therefore I am”. Like any human, Patrick is a philosopher who enjoys congregating words together to convey his feelings and emotions, the lessons he’s learned, and the foresight he’s acquired through variegated experiences. One of the best aphorisms in his mind is “knowledge is power” however from his perspective, knowledge is meant to be shared so the human race may evolve collectively and raise the bar for a better sustainable egalitarian tomorrow. The best thing a human being can do is to help another human being know more and that is his life’s mission.


Aging in a Stressful Era

Instagram: @thehappinessarchitects