Syria Is A Disaster

Modern day Syria resembles more the ruins of a former civilization than a vibrant country. The catastrophe to their society and the loss of human life is incalculable in scope, depressing to describe, and unfortunately – still ongoing.  Continue reading


It Is Unethical to Allow Developing Nations to Host Mega Sporting Events

The Olympics are the pinnacle of sportsmanship and athletic competition. The Games allow athletes from around the world to compete and earn their glory. The host nation of the Olympic games shares in this pursuit of glory. The Olympics act as a way for host countries to celebrate their culture, display their cities and structures, show off their infrastructure and technology, and to earn prestige in the international sphere.   Continue reading

An Interview with Canada’s Most Notorious Anti-Abortion Group

The Online Mind’s mission is to spread information and ideas. Part of this project is to interview individuals and groups that we agree with, and others that we do not. We sat down with Canada’s most notorious anti-abortion group in order to get a glimpse of their perspective. The Online Mind has left this interview open ended, the statements and opinions are not of our own. We wanted to dive into the minds of one of Canada’s most controversial groups who partake in actions such as using posters with aborted fetuses to spread their message. Here is how Jonathon Van Maren, Communications Director for the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform has responded to our questions.

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Canada & The Suez Crisis

This article will analyze the events of the 1956 Suez Crisis and describe the significance of Canada and Lester Pearson. The Suez Crisis was a series of events involving Egypt nationalizing the Suez Canal that instigated a period of imbalance, warfare, political upheaval, and international tension. This paper argues that Lester Pearson of Canada was the leading figure in solving the Suez Crisis, and in doing so, ushered in a new era of Canadian diplomacy and international peace keeping. Continue reading

The Problem of Global Consumption

The human species’ growth and level of consumption is unsustainable. The purpose of this paper is to establish a broad analysis on global consumption patterns, more specifically, on over-consumption. Over-consumption is a global systematic problem in which the process of production and consumption is exploiting the natural world in ways that are unsustainable. This problem is severely draining natural resources and dramatically damaging the environment. Furthermore we are releasing unsustainable levels of greenhouse gases. This paper argues that in order to reduce global consumption, and therefor protect both humans and the environment from consequences, there must be radical and fundamental changes implemented.
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