Inside Canada’s Yellow Vest Movement

In the last year France has been witness to waves of protest, marches, and rioting. A segment of the population has become alienated and is targeting its frustration at Macron, the elite, and at globalism more broadly. The protesters have various demands but they primarily focus on economic justice, lowering taxes, and relief from financial strain. They feel left behind by the global financial system, they think that the political elite do not care about them, and many feel that they do not have a voice. Whether globalism is really at fault is another discussion to be had. Right now I am more interested in the mindset of these protesters. In this article I want to understand the ideology of the Canadian version of the Yellow Vests. What do the Canadian Yellow Vests actually think? Are they dangerous? And what do they want?

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Putin’s Digital Grip + An Interview from PIA CEO Ted Kim

The Russian government has repeatedly demonstrated that it is against freedom for the internet. The Russian government views the internet as a tool to control and monitor the public. Continuing in this¬†trend, the Russian government has recently passed new laws restricting the internet, forcing internet companies to store and share client data with the government, and cracking down on dissent and protesters.¬† Continue reading “Putin’s Digital Grip + An Interview from PIA CEO Ted Kim”

An Interview with Canada’s Most Notorious Anti-Abortion Group

The Online Mind’s mission is to spread information and ideas. Part of this project is to interview individuals and groups that we agree with, and others that we do not. We sat down with Canada’s most notorious anti-abortion group in order to get a glimpse of their perspective. The Online Mind has left this interview open ended, the statements and opinions are not of our own. We wanted to dive into the minds of one of Canada’s most controversial groups who partake in actions such as using posters with aborted fetuses to spread their message. Here is how Jonathon Van Maren, Communications Director for the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform has responded to our questions.

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