Free Books From E-International Relations

E-International Relations is an online academic resource that offers free texts on a variety of topics. I was very impressed when I stumbled onto their collection. They cover a wide variety of subject matter including the ongoing situations in the Middle East, the conflict in Ukraine, and on Climate Change. Continue reading


2016 Looks Alot Like 1964

The 2016 US presidential elections are polarized, controversial, destabilizing, and nothing new. The 2016 election is in many respects a mirror image of the 1964 elections. Today’s leading Republican shares notable similarities with the former 1964 Republican front-runner Barry Goldwater. Continue reading

Canada & The Suez Crisis

This article will analyze the events of the 1956 Suez Crisis and describe the significance of Canada and Lester Pearson. The Suez Crisis was a series of events involving Egypt nationalizing the Suez Canal that instigated a period of imbalance, warfare, political upheaval, and international tension. This paper argues that Lester Pearson of Canada was the leading figure in solving the Suez Crisis, and in doing so, ushered in a new era of Canadian diplomacy and international peace keeping. Continue reading

A Review on Russian Policy in Ukraine

A review on the academic literature on Russia’s involvement in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian crisis is drenched in debate. It is complicated by a long political upheaval, an ongoing social and political revolution, and a long history of competing memories and over lapping historical narratives. This review will take a more specific approach to the conflict, rather than focusing on all possible factors, it will focus primarily on the role and intentions of Russia. This review will not explore the developments of the Ukraine revolution, but will explore Russia’s involvement, actions, and interests. From exploring and analyzing many articles, writers, first hand sources, poll results and statistics, this review has narrowed down the important key factors in the academic study of Russia’s involvement and intentions in Ukraine. Ultimately this review has determined two main branches of the academic sphere: Realpolitik VS Kulturkampf, both of which will be described and discussed. Continue reading

The Role of the Television in the 1960s US Civil Rights Movement

I Stared Into the TV and It Stared Back At Me

 The rise in consumer popularity of the television in the United States was a technological advancement with significant influence on public self-perception, the spread of information, the shaping of norms and standards, and the framing of social dialogue. This paper will examine how the role of television influenced and, was influenced by, the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s.
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