In April We Recognize 100 Years Since the Battle of Vimy Ridge

A century ago in Pas-de-Calais, France, the First World War waged its terror. The two main combatants in this period from April 9-12 were the powerful Germans and the ambitious Canadians. Germany at this point had buried itself within the borders of France and waged a vicious assault on the allies. The purpose of the battle was for the Canadians to regain control of an escarpment ridge from the Germans. Continue reading


Canada & The Suez Crisis

This article will analyze the events of the 1956 Suez Crisis and describe the significance of Canada and Lester Pearson. The Suez Crisis was a series of events involving Egypt nationalizing the Suez Canal that instigated a period of imbalance, warfare, political upheaval, and international tension. This paper argues that Lester Pearson of Canada was the leading figure in solving the Suez Crisis, and in doing so, ushered in a new era of Canadian diplomacy and international peace keeping. Continue reading

The Rebirth of Fascism?

While following the US presidential election, it’s easy to notice the parallels between Donald Trump’s election campaign and those of other right wing authoritarian leaders. Trump as a candidate has demonstrated a complete overhaul of the right wing Republican Party and has shaken the GOP into disarray. In this article, I will focus on Trump’s actions as a leader, and specifically a trend in both the US and in Europe towards a rebirth of authoritarianism, populism, and fascism.

Continue reading