A Review on Russian Policy in Ukraine

A review on the academic literature on Russia’s involvement in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian crisis is drenched in debate. It is complicated by a long political upheaval, an ongoing social and political revolution, and a long history of competing memories and over lapping historical narratives. This review will take a more specific approach to the conflict, rather than focusing on all possible factors, it will focus primarily on the role and intentions of Russia. This review will not explore the developments of the Ukraine revolution, but will explore Russia’s involvement, actions, and interests. From exploring and analyzing many articles, writers, first hand sources, poll results and statistics, this review has narrowed down the important key factors in the academic study of Russia’s involvement and intentions in Ukraine. Ultimately this review has determined two main branches of the academic sphere: Realpolitik VS Kulturkampf, both of which will be described and discussed. Continue reading “A Review on Russian Policy in Ukraine”