Should We Be Scared of a Terrorist Attack on Canada Day?

The so-called Islamic State has issued threats to Canadians and specifically urged followers to attack on Canada Day. Should we be worried? The answer is no and there are two reasons for this.

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Canada and the Problem of Islamic Terrorism

Canada’s history contains numerous episodes of domestic extremism. In Quebec the FLQ once terrorised the province by kidnapping politicians and bombing political targets and during the Oka Crisis tensions between the Indigenous and the settlers boiled over in dramatic waves of violence. Canada is no stranger to violent extremes on our soil and the most prominent form of violent ideological expression gripping our country today is Islamic Terrorism.

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In April We Recognize 100 Years Since the Battle of Vimy Ridge

A century ago in Pas-de-Calais, France, the First World War waged its terror. The two main combatants in this period from April 9-12 were the powerful Germans and the ambitious Canadians. Germany at this point had buried itself within the borders of France and waged a vicious assault on the allies. The purpose of the battle was for the Canadians to regain control of an escarpment ridge from the Germans. Continue reading

Try Out This Canadian Budget Calculator

Canadians are racking up a ton of debt. As a whole the country’s debt to personal income ratio has been increasing yearly since the 1980s. Currently Canadians owe more than $1.50 for every dollar of income. With this ratio of +150%, it is evident many Canadians are struggling to stay on top of their spending. There are many reasons for increases in personal debt, such as the rising cost of living. This article will not explore the external factors contributing to this trend but will recommend something we all can do; keeping better track of our funds.  Continue reading

Hamilton’s Future and the Problem of Suburbs

Hamilton is a giant city. It’s geographic range is expansive; filling in this area are endless suburbs and new community developments. The rise of housing in Hamilton has been notable and positive. Many people are choosing to live in Hamilton for a multitude of reasons and rediscovering the rich beauty, culture, and opportunity the city has to offer. Especially with the rising costs in the GTA, Hamilton is proving to be an affordable and enjoyable city to settle down in. The problem is how Hamilton’s demographics are spread. Continue reading