Inside Canada’s Yellow Vest Movement

In the last year France has been witness to waves of protest, marches, and rioting. A segment of the population has become alienated and is targeting its frustration at Macron, the elite, and at globalism more broadly. The protesters have various demands but they primarily focus on economic justice, lowering taxes, and relief from financial strain. They feel left behind by the global financial system, they think that the political elite do not care about them, and many feel that they do not have a voice. Whether globalism is really at fault is another discussion to be had. Right now I am more interested in the mindset of these protesters. In this article I want to understand the ideology of the Canadian version of the Yellow Vests. What do the Canadian Yellow Vests actually think? Are they dangerous? And what do they want?

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Anarchism & Gentrification in the City of Hamilton

Anarchists in Hamilton are a relatively small problem. They usually pester the city with graffiti and stickers but have remained mostly a minor nuisance. This past weekend the group crossed a line and put action to their message. On Saturday night upwards to 30 masked individuals marched down Locke Street. They carried a flag with the slogan “We Are The Ungoverned”, shouted, blocked traffic, and then damaged over $100k in vehicles and property. This small problem has escalated into a more serious issue for the city. Welcome anarchists, you’ve entered the news cycle and caught our attention. Let’s talk.

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Islamic Extremism in Canada

Canada’s history contains numerous chapters of domestic extremism. In Quebec the FLQ once terrorized the province by kidnapping politicians and bombing political targets. During the Oka Crisis tensions between the Indigenous and the settlers boiled over in dramatic waves of violence. Canada is no stranger to extremes on our soil and the most prominent form of violent ideological expression gripping our country today is Islamic Terrorism.

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Try Out This Canadian Budget Calculator

Canadians are racking up a ton of debt. As a whole the country’s debt to personal income ratio has been increasing yearly since the 1980s. Currently Canadians owe more than $1.50 for every dollar of income. With this ratio of +150%, it is evident many Canadians are struggling to stay on top of their spending. There are many reasons for increases in personal debt such as the rising cost of living. This article will not explore the external factors contributing to this trend but will recommend something that we all can do; keep better track of our funds.  Continue reading “Try Out This Canadian Budget Calculator”

Canada & The Suez Crisis

This article will analyze the events of the 1956 Suez Crisis and describe the significance of Canada and Lester Pearson. The Suez Crisis was a series of events involving Egypt nationalizing the Suez Canal that instigated a period of imbalance, warfare, political upheaval, and international tension. This paper argues that Lester Pearson of Canada was the leading figure in solving the Suez Crisis, and in doing so, ushered in a new era of Canadian diplomacy and international peace keeping. Continue reading “Canada & The Suez Crisis”