Are Your Online Accounts Are Safe?

Cyber security is a problem that will not leave our headlines anytime soon. An unfortunate reality about the digital age is that with new technologies comes new threats. Our interconnected global society is at risk, seemingly daily, from an onslaught of major hacks.

There are ways to protect yourself that will reduce risk in your digital footprint. Changing passwords regularly is essential. Many people, out of convenience, rarely change passwords and even use the same password for multiple accounts. The same password for different profiles is an especially vulnerable position to find yourself in.

“Have I been pwned?” is a simple and quick way to check if your email security is up to date. The way it works is by comparing your email address to many different websites that it may be associated with and then checking to see if that website has been involved in a data breach.

For example if you used your email to sign up with websites such as Tumblr, or Facebook, or Spotify, etc., it will check to see if your email may have been contained in one of the major hacks where information was stolen from these companies.

Typing my own older email address into the website revealed that my account information has been stolen twice, once in a breach from Tumblr, and once from PSPISO.

If you find that your account has been compromised by a major hack it is essential that you change your password on that account, but also on any other accounts that you may use the same password for. These major hacks are sold on the online black market so it is hard to know when someone with malicious intentions will have access to your infomration. The sooner you change your password, the better.

Check out this fantastic website here:

By Daniel Govedar (May 2017)

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