Free Books From E-International Relations

E-International Relations is an online academic resource that offers free texts on a variety of topics. I was very impressed when I stumbled onto their collection. They cover a wide variety of subject matter including the ongoing situations in the Middle East, the conflict in Ukraine, and on Climate Change.

After reading two of their texts, “The Arab Spring of Discontent” and “Caliphates and Islamic Global Politics”, I can confirm the credibility of these sources. The texts range in length and feature various writers and perspectives. I was surprised to find that their entire collection is available for free on their website. This is a fantastic resource for everyone interested in these topics. They are cleanly organized and easily accessible.


Whether you are just introducing yourself to these topics, or already familiar with them, there is enough substance and diversity for everyone to find something to digest and enjoy.

Check them out at:

By Daniel Govedar (Jan 2017)

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