Canada’s 5 Biggest Infrastructure Projects in 2017

Canada in 2017 is spending big and revamping significant infrastructure essentials. Federal and Provincial funding across the country is contributing to massive projects geared towards building a more efficient and productive country. Many projects are already underway. Here 5 of the most significant and expensive currently in development. 

5. Site C Clean Energy Project – $8.7 Billion (British Columbia)

Hydroelectricity continues to be integral to Canadian energy development. This gigantic earthfill dam will produce 1100 MW of electricity and serve the surrounding location near Fort St. John in British Columbia. The project is expected to be completed in 2024.

The Peace River Hydro Partners (PRHP) Site C Clean Energy Project, BC, Canada.

4. Eglinton Crosstown LRT – $9 Billion (Ontario)

Toronto’s light rail system expands with this 19 km corridor between Mount Dennis and Kennedy Station. Toronto’s growing population and heavy demand for public transit will be partially alleviated by this multi-billion dollar project. By 2031 there will be an expected 5400 riders per hour using this new TTC system.


3. Muskrat Falls Project – $9.1 Billion (Newfoundland & Labrador)

Ballooning costs have raised doubts over the project’s value however its contribution to the region’s energy supply will no doubt be substantial. This hydroelectric project, one of the largest in North America, will service more than 1600 km of transmission lines in Newfoundland and Labrador. Electricity is expected to be generated starting in 2019.2017-muskrat-falls-photo_-nalcor-energy

2. Darlington Nuclear Refurbishment – $12.8 Billion (Ontario)

The Darlington Nuclear plant is controversial but integral to Ontario’s energy development. The plant is undergoing an expensive refurbishment in which the facilities safety and life expectancy will be increased. The multi-phase $12.8 billion dollar project is one of Canada’s most significant energy investments and will continue to power the country with its reactors producing up to 3512 MW total capacity.


1. Bruce Power Refurbishment – $13 Billion (Ontario)

Canada’s most expensive infrastructure project in 2017 is the Bruce Power Nuclear facility. This titanic undertaking will create upwards of 23,000 jobs. The facility provides 30% of Ontario’s current energy usage. Bruce Power is investing in the project and will take the full risk of cost over runs. The project when completed is estimated to save Ontario households $66 in electricity bills every year for the next decade.


Edited by Daniel Govedar

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