Hamilton is Home to 1 of the 2 Remaining Lancaster Bombers

The Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum in Hamilton contains an impressive collection of historical and wartime aircraft and memorabilia. Arguably the most famous of these possessions is one of the only two surviving airworthy Avro Lancaster Bombers.

The Lancaster Bomber was one of the most well known and successful aircraft during the Second World War. It was operated by the Royal Air Force and was a staple of Canadian involvement in the war effort. Thousands of Canadians were involved in manufacturing the bomber in factories such as the Victory Aircraft facility in Toronto. Thousands more served as airmen and servicemen working closely with allies and flying deep into dangerous territory on missions.


The two remaining Lancasters are appropriately in England and in Canada. Canada’s contribution to the war effort was committed and significant. Having the Lancaster call Canada home is both an honour and also a solemn reminder of the tragedies of war. While now we excite at the glimpse of the Lancaster flying above, we also should be mindful of the soldiers that flew those during the war. It is because of their efforts and sacrifices that we now get peace and the opportunity to view these artifacts in a museum setting.

Many Hamiltonians are no stranger to the sights and sounds of the flying Lancaster. For those interested in viewing this wartime relic up close and personal the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum offers fantastic tours with a cheap admission. The facility also offers rides in many of the historic aircraft on site.

Check out their website at: http://www.warplane.com/




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