Canada is Turning 150 in 2017!

Canada in 2017 will be turning 150. For Canada’s centennial the country had incredible displays of art, theatre, performance, and spectacle. The country united and stood proud. In less than 100 days, our pride and strength will shine through yet again.


2017 will be remembered for generations. Numerous organizations have put together art displays, concerts, historical memorials, fireworks, and much more. Ottawa specifically will host numerous events all year long including a massive July 1st Party. On New Years Ottawa will also put on an incredible fireworks display in multiple locations. The show will feature advanced pyrotechnics to create images such as a waterfall and historical objects using the fireworks.


Parks Canada has announced that in 2017 it will also now be free to visit national parks. This exciting opportunity will grant thousands of Canadians affordable and fun trips to historical memorials and national parks. Canadians will be able to experience our country’s endless environment and immerse themselves in the legacies of our ancestors.

The 150th celebrations go beyond mere entertainment, they look to inspire a new generation and lay the foundation for future growth. Hundreds of millions of dollars will be spent on renovations for infrastructure and educational programs will be implemented to expand our horizons and share our story.

This is a time for Canadians across our vast country to celebrate what makes our community so special. To mourn our ancestors and fallen. To cherish the memories and history we share.


It is a time to reconnect ourselves with the indigenous lands we now inhabit. It is a time to recall our tragedies, our labour, our conflicts, our champions, and our victories. It is a time to remind ourselves that the country we call home exists by no easy means. Canada has a complicated history, but through the last 150 years, we have made progress, inspired the world, and created one of the greatest countries in the history of our species.

In 2017 we celebrate the greatness that is Canada.

Check out this website to view many of the amazing events and organizations working to celebrate our 150th:

By: Daniel Govedar (Sept 2016)



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